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Capital Campaign Fundraising During a Recession
Roy Kessel
I was just going to reemphasize the point on communication. We have a lot of organizations in our network who are finding that they are making "Thank You" calls to their donors, explaining their strategies for handling the crisis and they are finding some donors are volunteering to make an additional gift at this time of the emergency
Jeffrey Wallk
Roy makes a great point with relationship building and proactive communications
Roy Kessel
Small donors today are the big donors in the future.
Roy Kessel
I recall one organization telling me they don't care about the $100 donors, they were only interested in the $1000+ donors, and literally the organization lost a generation because they were not engaging the young, post-college donor base
Roy Kessel
I tried
Roy Kessel
Sorry that my sound was messed up. I welcome anyone that is interested to join our FREE webinars at www.SportsPhilanthropyNetwork.com/Webinars
Roy Kessel
Love question about Boards, make sure you don't just "fill" up the board with bodies, because they are hard to get rid of.
Roy Kessel
thank you!!